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Non-Vegetarian Cuisine

Indulge in the Extravagant World of Non-Vegetarian Delights by Fooodigo Hospitality

Embark on a culinary journey that unravels the very essence of exquisite flavors, tantalizing textures, and the heartwarming essence of slow-cooked non-vegetarian dishes that stand unmatched. If you share a profound passion for meat-based culinary wonders and wish to grace your next grand occasion with a medley of world-class delicacies, your search concludes here.

We are not just your average catering company; we are your catering partners that will be by your side any time during the event. Partner with us for your next occasion, your journey with us will begin way before the day of the event. We understand that the essence of every event is different, and we take the time to help you curate the perfect menu for your event. We advise you of the perfect menu items by gaining an understanding of the type of event you are hosting and your guest profile. With different catering packages to choose from, you can find the perfect option for yourself and ensure the success of your party

Welcome to a realm where India's culinary prowess takes center stage, celebrated worldwide for its diverse array of delicacies. Our secret lies in the perfect fusion of flavors, spices, and the art of cooking, resulting in flawlessly crafted meals that transcend taste, opulence, and a heavenly flavor profile. Fooodigo Hospitality is devoted to infusing years of culinary wisdom into every dish we create, ensuring that you and your esteemed guests relish the true essence of culinary brilliance with each and every bite.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Embark on a Vegetarian Culinary Extravaganza with Fooodigo Hospitality

In the realm of social gatherings, food plays a pivotal role, and at Fooodigo Hospitality, we are dedicated to elevating your event with a touch of culinary divinity. Understanding the profound significance of food in our culture, we go above and beyond to curate the most heavenly vegetarian cuisines for your special occasions. In a country where feasting is celebrated and food is revered, we acknowledge the essence of vegetarianism, with a substantial 20-39% of our population embracing this nourishing lifestyle.

To ensure that everyone relishes finger-licking goodness at their events.

Our menu transcends the boundaries of vegetarian cuisines, accommodating a variety of preferences, guest profiles, and lifestyle choices. Whether you seek a pure Jain menu, Continental delights, Pan Asian flavors, or the authenticity of Indian cuisine, we blend the best of both worlds and infuse our unique touch to create mouthwatering delicacies that are bound to etch unforgettable memories in every attendee's mind. 

Working Lunch Menu Options

路        Soups (any 1)

路        Traditional tomato basil soup

路        Canadian cheese soup

路        Cream corn & basil chowder

路        Roasted tomato & garlic

路        Green pea & mint soup

路        Pumpkin soup

路        Tomato bean soup

路        Broccoli soup

路        Asparagus almond soup

路        Red bell pepper soup

路        Carrot and onion soup

路        Potato and leek soup

路        Mushroom celery soup

路        Clear veg broth

VEG (any 2)

路        Bell pepper and mozzarella rolls

路        Broccoli mushroom in paprika cream sauce on puff shells

路        Spinach and corn crepes with garlic rolls

路        Aubergine roulades

路        Pasta with slow roasted veg & extra virgin olive oil

路        Mushroom, ricotta & olive quiche

路        Mushroom quiche

路        Spinach, leek & olive quiche

路        Hummus with coriander feta with crisp lawache

路        Red pepper muhamrah with toasted pita

Non- veg (any 2)

路        Grilled chicken steaks

路        Chicken cutlets

路        Chicken puff pattice

路        Chicken cordon bleu

路        Chicken stuffed with mushroom and cheese

路        Mustard chicken in tart shells

路        Chicken vol au vents

路        Cold cuts

路        Fried fish with tartar sauce

路        Sandwiches (any 2)

路        Grilled veggies with balsamic drizzles in Panini

路        Foccacia with pesto & ementhal

路        Grilled pita with Moroccan veggies & crunchy lettuce

路        Char-grilled cottage with with salsa Rosa in whole-wheat bread

路        Chicken mayo sandwich

路        Chicken and ham sandwich

路        Chicken salami sandwich

路        Barbequed chicken in Panini

路        **Smoked salmon with cream cheese on bagels

路        **Pepper steak in pita


Salads (any1)

路        Toss greens with fresh veggies in vinaigrette

路        Pasta & corn salad

路        Veg Caesar salad

路        Tomato aubergine mozzarella salad

路        Potato mayo salad

路        Corn and cottage cheese salad with mustard mayo

路        Bell pepper, pink cabbage & sprout salad

路        Cucumber & dill

Desserts (any 1)

路        Blue berry cheese cake in cups

路        Hot chocolate mud pie in cups

路        Mini Fresh fruit tart

路        Gooey chocolate cake squares

路        Mini Apple crumbles pie

路        Mini chocolate truffle tarts

路        Baked blueberry cheese cake

The above menu will be @ XXXX + taxes per head for a minimum of 20 people.

Continental Menu options

Veg. Starters

路        Asst. dips served with lavache

路        Mozzarella with sun dried tomato on crouton

路        Zucchini and oregano tarts

路        Asparagus cheese rolls

路        Baby jacket potatoes with ratatouille

路        Grilled vegetables

路        Tart shell with vegetables and broccoli

路        Feta cheese and leek cigars

路        bell pepper & mozzarella cigars

路        hot stuffed mushroom

路        Mini falafel balls in pita bread

路        Forest mushrooms with cheese in tart shells

路        Butter lime gnocchi

路        Cottage cheese bruschettas

路        Sun dried tomato and olive tepenade bruschettas

路        Pesto mushrooms bruschettas

路        Water chestnut in sweet Soya sauce

路        Oven dried tomatoes & mozzarella crostinis

路        Leek spinach & olive quichlets

路        Crispy potato skins

路        Crisp sweet corn & water chestnut balls

路        crisp potato wedges with garlic aioli

路        wine mushrooms with creamy tarter on crouton

路        Thai crisp mushroom in oyster basil

路        asparagus tips with balsamic

路        cheese fondue with harissa & crusty breads

路        oven baked stuffed mushrooms

路        leek spinach olive quiche

Non-veg. Starters

路        Roasted lamb in baby jacket potatoes

路        Lamb & leek cigars

路        Minced meat patlican kababs with harissa aubergine

路        Lamb shwarma in pancake rolls with mustard

路        Steamed meat balls with chilly garlic

路        Cajun spiced barbeque lamb kabab

路        Roasted chicken & iceberg on mini brioche bread

路        Paprika cream chicken on lavache bread

路        Chicken & lemon grass kabab `

路        Mustard chicken on bruschetta

路        Pickled chicken with black olives in tarts

路        Thai spiced chicken skewers

路        Peppered chicken skewers

路        steamed chicken balls with cheddar & pickles

路        Wood smoked chicken with mozzarella

路        Caramelized chicken with peppers on croute

路        Indonesian chicken in thai rice wrappers

路        Chicken dumplings with sweet chilly sauce

路        smoked chicken with creamy tarter on crusty bread

路        crisp jaggery chicken

路        Pickle prawns in tart shell

路        Prawns cakes

路        Ginger soya prawns

路        Harissa prawns on skewers

路        Coconut prawns with mango salsa

路        filo wrapped shrimps

路        paprika & lime prawns

路        shrimps toss in spice teriyaki


路        Baby potatoes in mustard and spring green dressing

路        Greek salad

路        pickled aubergine

路        stir-fry vegetable teriyaki salad

路        American corn & cottage cheese in mustard mayo.

路        American corn, spring onion, cherry tomato, croutons, pasta & tofu in yoghurt & dill

路        dressing

路        Rocket and pear salad with orange dressing

路        Tossed greens, wine mushrooms and asparagus in red wine & lemon dressing

路        Spirally with olives, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil in paprika & lime mayo.

路        Cherry tomatoes, cracked wheat, tofu and peas in paprika pesto

路        toss aubergine, tomato, mozzarella, rocket and basil in olive oil & lime

路        Iceberg & asparagus salad in balsamic

路        ceazer salad

路        Pickled beetroot

路        Pickled peppers & marinated onion salad

路        Grilled veggies in Parmesan cream dressing

路        Cucumber, bean sprouts, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in chilly jamVietnamese slaw with pokchoy, red lettuce, bean sprouts and spring green in hot and

路        sweet dressing with roasted peanuts

Veg. Main course

路        Oven baked crepes with grilled vegetables, spring greens and mozzarellaAberigine roulades

路        Spinach roulades with sun dried tomato, cream cheese & fresh herbs

路        Mozzarella gnocchi with lemon cheese sauce

路        Asparagus & American corn crepes with pimento cream sauce

路        Grilled potato cakes with broccoli & mushrooms

路        Penne with broccoli and mushrooms in paprika cream sauce nuts and sweet potato

路        straws

路        Char grilled cottage cheese with salsa rossa

路        Spicy pesto mushrooms on rice cakes

路        fried risotto cakes with herbed mozzarella, on a bed of stir-fry oriental vegetables in

路        ginger black beans sauce

路        Ravioli with mushroom in garlic cream sauce

路        Potato Gnocchi with fresh peas and basil in parmesan cheese sauce

路        pie shells stuffed with wild mushrooms and spinach on a lime cream & coriander sc.

路        Freshly baked pie with spinach ricotta emmenthal olive and thyme

路        Cannelloni and peppers coriander spinach & melted mozzarella and sun dried tomato

路        Conchigle pasta with roast peppers mushrooms sun dried tomato and pickles in olive & tomato basil

路        Stuffed oriental crepes with mustard, roasted tomatoes, spring greens and mozzarella

路        Vegetable tagine/ Balinese curry/Srilankan curry

路        Jacket potatoes stuffed with pesto mushrooms

路        Jacket potato stuffed with spicy corn, peppers & melted mozzarella

路        Eggplant, zucchini and bell pepper torte with parmesan, basil oil & tomato chives coulis Non-veg.

Main course

路        Pan-fried rawas in a lemon mustard cream sauce with fresh herbs

路        Grilled paprika marinated fillet of fish with sweet corn & lime sauce

路        Pan fried rawas with caper sauce

路        **Rice crusted pomfret with white wine, leek & lemon sauce

路        Char grilled rawas salsa rossa, with pickled peppers, tomatoes and reduced red wine

路        Char grilled rawas fillets with garlic, basil Parmesan potato cake & ratatouille of vegetables

路        Oven baked whole rawas fillets with zaatar, cumin, paprika, lime and coriander

路        **Shrimps roast pepper garlic Sc.

路        shrimps in a saffron pimiento cream sauce & roasted veg.

路        Pepper crusted chicken with red wine reduction sauce

路        Chicken roulades with sage onion gravy & toss greens

路        Rosemary & bell pepper rubbed grilled chicken in orange, port & pepper sauce

路        Oven baked jerk-spiced chicken with shallots & herbs

路        Char grilled chicken scaloppini with white wine & paprika cream

路        Mediterranean char grilled chicken, thyme jus

路        Dome chicken with nuts, mustard, raisins and rice

路        Tequila marinated barbequed chicken in a light pesto cream sauce

路        Garlic infused braised chicken with red peppercorn and porcini mushroom sauceGrilled chicken with shallots and pakchoy in balsamic sc.

路        Grilled breast of chicken stuffed with mushrooms and onions in pepper saucePan fried chicken with bacon sauce and shallots

路        Grilled lamb chops in oyster mushroom & black pepper sauce

路        Roast leg of baby lamb served with cabernet jus

路        Srilankan curry with shrimp/ chicken / lamb

Rice preparation

路        Chic pea pilaf

路        Lemon rice

路        Burnt garlic rice

路        Mushroom & broccoli pot rice

路        Barley & dill pilaf

路        Buttered parsley & paprika pilaf

路        Risotto with oven dried tomato & mushroom

路        Risotto Siciliana

路        Risotto with American corn, spinach & parmesan three grain risotto

Assorted breads

路        Foccacia, chhalah, multi grain, whole wheat, garlic roll, sesame roll, lavache etc.

Desserts, pastries and tarts

路        Blueberry / lemon & litchi / coffee cheese cake

路        Seasonal fruit cheese cake mango

路        Bitter Chocolate marquise

路        Baileys Irish mousse cake

路        Melissa Heavenly Brownies

路        Chocolate Mikado

路        Almond & Poached Pear Tart

路        Grand mothers Apple Crumble pie

路        Maple chocolate& walnut roasted tart

路        Black bottom pie

路        Gooey chocolate cake

路        Fresh fruit tart

路        Individual chocolate truffle tarts

路        Hot chocolate mud pie

路        Tiramisu

路        Chocolate & coffee pie

Indian Menu options


Veg starters

路        Cheese & corn ball

路        Spicy potato & chutney croquettes

路        Ginger chilli paneer finger

路        Veg. Spring roll/ wontons

路        Mushroom & tomato pizzas

路        Paneer shaliks

路        Cheesy mushroom on toast

路        Harvest vegetables tempura

路        Spicy potato and pea patti samosas

路        Cheesy vegetables croquettes

路        Mushroom vol au vents / cheesy corn vol au vents

路        Golden fried baby corn and okra

路        Veg k p choy

路        Hara bhara kabab

路        Makai aloo tikki

路        Spicy chilly garlic potato

路        Veg sesame fingers / coins

路        Paneer Ka Tikka / reshmi paneer / pahadi paneer

路        Veg Seekh

路        Tandoori Gobi

路        Dum Aloo Tandoori Crisp potato wedges with bbq sc.

路        Salt and pepper mushrooms

路        Kung pao paneer

路        Paneer koliwada

路        Mini batata wadas Non veg starters

路        Murg - E- Kastoori kabab

路        Afgani Chicken tikka

路        Reshmi tikka / Pahadi tikka

路        Adraki chicken tikka

路        Chicken seekh kabab

路        Mutton Boti Kabab

路        Mutton seekh

路        Fish Fingers with tartar sauce

路        Fried Fish Wontons

路        Hakka fish / soya chilly fish

路        Beer batter fried fish with garlic aioli

路        Crispy Fish Nuggets

路        Golden Fried Prawns

路        Salt and pepper prawns

路        Sichuan prawns

路        Chilly Honeyed Chicken

路        Kung pao chicken / roasted chilly chicken

路        Honey pepper chicken

路        Crispy Lemon Chicken Nuggets

路        Chicken Croquettes

路        Chicken Pepper Pizzas

路        Chilly Chicken Lollypops

路        Chicken Spring Rolls

路        Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

路        Chicken / Mutton Cutlets

路        Shammi Kababs

路        Goolar Tawa Kababs

路        Soya pepper sausages / Pineapple glazed sausages

路        Mutton patti samosa

Veg. Main course

路        Subz-se-achha

路        Veg. Kadhai

路        Paneer tawa masala

路        Methi mutter malai

路        Paneer palak

路        Malai kofta in palak gravy

路        makai palak

路        Veg. Kolhapuri

路        Bhindi-do-pyaza

路        Stuffed bhindi masala

路        Tarkari makhani

路        Kabuli chatpata chana

路        Paneer jalfrazie

路        Live tawa counter

路        Aloo bharta

路        Methi mutter malai

路        Khus aloo

路        Makai simla

路        Dum aloo

路        Aloo mutter

路        Baingan bharta

路        Non-veg Main course

路        Kalimiri murg

路        Murg hara dhaniya

路        Chicken tikka masala

路        Bhuna murg

路        murg methi masala

路        murg jalfrazie

路        murg kolhapuri

路        kadhai murg

路        Murg kasturi

路        Chicken kashmiri

路        Butter chicken

路        Chicken farcha

路        Chicken vindaloo

路        Gosht banjara

路        Mutton curry

路        Mutton bhuna gosht

路        Fried fish with tarter sauce

路        Goan fish curry

路        Fish chutneywali

路        Masala fried fish

路        Salli jardaloo mutton

路        Mutton rahra

Rice preparation

路        Steamed rice

路        Veg. Pulav

路        Pea pulav

路        Tomato pulav

路        Hariyali rice

路        Veg. biryani

路        Mutton biryani

路        Chicken Biryani

Dal & Salads

路        Yellow dal tadka

路        Masala dal

路        Palak dal

路        Dal panchratan

路        Dal makhani

路        Dhahi kadi Salad

路        Salad julian

路        Green salad/ kachumber

路        Russian salad

路        Toss salad

路        Potato & spring onion salad

路        corn & macroni salad

路        Ice-berg & asparagus

路        waldrof salad

路        Cucumber dill salad

路        Potato mayo.


路        Gulab jamun

路        Malai kulfi with falooda

路        Rasmalai

路        Jalebi

路        Tiramisu

路        Fresh fruit triffle

路        Rich chocolate truffle

路        Chocolate mousse

路        Chocolate marquise

路        Chocolate mud pie

路        Fresh fruit tart

路        Live Counters

路        Dosa counter

路        Chat counter

路        Stir fry counter

路        Live tandoor counter

路        Khowsuey counter

路        Pasta station

路        Rissotto counter

路        Rostti counter

路        Jalebi counter

Live counters shall be Rs XXXXX per counter. Can be added to any of the above given menu options.

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